About Us

About Calixir Labs


Calixir Labs is a premiere provider of high quality health supplements based on one belief – “Science meets Nature”. Our business is focused on providing our valuable customers with products that are formulated by combining the best of science & technology of the west and the best natural healing herbs of the east; so as to achieve higher quality standards for healthy living.

The company has always been committed to procure and deliver high caliber natural health products and herbal remedies. Our R&D in Health Research Laboratories will relentlessly strive to improve upon our products. Our approach is scientific, medical, technical and ethical input.

All products are evaluated by notable and experienced team of pharmacologists who ensure quality products to its valued clients all over the world. Our products are all the result of successful science converging the bounties of nature hence our products are all natural.

Your Health is our number one priority. We believe that by caring for your health, you would be able to pass on the same care of to your Loved ones. As the care spreads, more loved ones will be cared for, making this world a better place for everyone to live in. In Calixir Labs – ‘Your Health, We care’.


Our Mission

“Your Heath, We care”

“Your Health” is our number one priority and we will strive to our best to provide you with the best health supplement so that you can achieve a higher quality of life. We will not only be able to serve the local and nationwide markets by providing high quality health products, but also by creating jobs and income for the local community. We will continually provide high quality products at affordable prices. This is the way to show “We Care”.

  • Dignity and Respect of Human Life
  • 100% Natural Food with Strict Management of Its Quality
  • The Maximum Customer Satisfaction
  • Healthiness and Happiness of Family and Neighbor