Q. How long have Beline Capsules been in the market?

A. Beline Capsules formula has been used by Chinese physicians for centuries; mainly used solely by Imperial physicians for Emperors and the Royals in the Imperial Palace. The formula come from a line of Imperial physicians and was later passed on down their lineage when the Imperial system was abolished.
With modern science and encapsulation of the herbs we are able to produce them now at in capsules form. By merging the essence of the eastern herbs with the western technology, greater consistency and effectiveness was achieved. It produced Beline Capsules. It has been in the market for over 50 years in capsules form and no longer in traditional TCM loose herbs form.

Q. How is Beline Capsules beneficial to me?

A. Beline Capsules is good for the following conditions:
Rheumatism, Gout, Skin related problems such as rashes, Muscle Soreness, Swelling due to uric acid, Improves Appetite, Detox the liver, Anti hangover.

Q. How frequent and how should I take it?

A. One Capsule, twice daily. Take it after meals on a full stomach. Take it with cold/cool water.
For consumers with more serious condition such as severe gout, take two capsules twice daily.

Q. Does it contain Western Medicine/Drugs?

A. No. The contents are derived from 100% Chinese TCM herbs.

Q. I’m Vegetarian, is Beline Capsules suitable for me?

A. Beline Capsules use 100% Chinese herbs as its ingredients. However, the capsule cover is made of gelatine. For vegetarians who do not want to ingest gelatine, you may open up the capsule and consume the contents directly or pour it into a cup of cold drink to consume it. Some customers mix Beline Capsules powder with honey and water. It has herbal taste.

Q. Are there any side effects taking Beline Capsules?

A. Beline Capsules (in its capsule form) has been used by consumers for decades and no known side effects were noted. However users with Gastric problems should take extra caution because it can be harsh to the stomach. If you have to take it, please take gastric medications first to protect the walls of the stomach before taking Beline Capsules.

Q. How long does shipping usually take?

A. Shipping would usually take within 7 working days to arrive at the destination.

Q. Can it be taken with western medications?

A. Beline capsule should be taken 3hrs apart from your western medications.

Q. Should I avoid anything when taking Beline Capsules?

A. As with all Chinese herbs, avoid taking Tea or Milk products as they will reduce the effectiveness of the herbs.
Also, some herbs might have natural blood thinning effects. It is suggested that consumers who are taking blood thinners such as Asparin, heparin and warfarin to avoid taking Beline Capsules.

Q. Who are not recommended to take Beline Capsules?

A. We do not recommend pregnant ladies, breast feeding ladies and children under age of 3 to take Beline Capsules.

Q. Can I drink Alcohol together with Beline Capsule?

A. Yes, in fact, Beline capsules does a great job at detoxing the liver. This also prevents hangover the next day. Take two capsules before you sleep and wake up refreshed the following day.